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    BUT their story can last FOREVER.

    We all share a unique bond with our pets. A connection that allows us to be more human.

    As our relationships grow, a STORY grows with it. It's in these stories where we find true Art.

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    " One More Throw"

  • What Pet Parents are saying

    Jen McGuigan

    "I wanted so badly to hug this giant piece of art!"

    "If I were running out of my burning-down home (knock on wood!), I’d grab my children, our family photo albums and “Georgia" off the wall. That’s the truth! Not long after our sweet, old Cavalier Spaniel passed away, my husband surprised our family with a spot-on rendering of our sweet dog Georgia. I remember my reaction upon seeing it for the first time. I laughed and cried and wanted so badly to hug this giant piece of art, as those eyes that stared back at me captured the soul of my sweet companion. I could sit and stare (and do) at this piece for a very long time…it makes my heart smile. "

  • About Sean

    Why My Art Has Gone to the Dogs

    When I rescued my dog Rocky, something amazing happened. A relationship formed that can only be explained by those who have experienced it. A silent bond that allows us to be more authentic..more human. They show us how to make new friends out on a simple walk and school us on unconditional love and respect. They work relentlessly saving lives and gently rehabilitate souls. They are more than just pets. They are works of art!

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